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Hi, I'm Tommy

I'm an Associate Director for Interaction Design at IA Collaborative where I unlock the potential of Fortune 500s and emerging startups through human-centered design.
My father is Atticus Finch. He taught me to right wrongs and instilled in me a belief that the world can be better. I've searched for messy problems ever since.
Out of college, I joined Teach For America as a special educator working to improve lives in low-income areas. Later, I worked for startups in DC and Silicon Valley helping to support small businesses and launch entirely new industries. Along the way, I fell in love with technology and design and learned how creatively applying the two can change the world.
When I'm not obsessing over user needs, I'm reading the paper, geeking out over fantasy baseball, surfing, or traveling.

I come from a proud Irish family, led by this guy, Frank Carroll. He fought and was wounded in the Battle of the Bulge before returning to Scranton, PA to raise kids and not work for Dunder Mifflin.

I was lucky to attend one of the most diverse public school systems in the country, shaping my worldview, values, and dance moves. 

Out of the gate, I wanted to be doing whatever that guy was doing. I figured I'd go to law school or something.

Until I received an opportunity through Teach For America to move to Hawaii.

My job was to inspire and support a cast of characters in low-income areas.  I fell in love with the strategy, storytelling, and attention to experience design that goes into effective teaching. The classroom turned me on to IDEO and their work transforming schools and businesses through design. 


*Above: Ponyboy and his crew of hardcore greasers

So I left the classroom and spent two years wearing many hats helping venture-backed startups get off the ground and maintain altitude. 

Solving problems through strategy and design became my secret sauce. I earned my master's degree in experience design in 2018, and continue to practice design in the greatest city the world- New York.

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