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Developing trust through onboarding 

Bank of America's budgeting and financial planning tool 'Life Plan' aims to guide customers along their life-long financial journey. 

Future iterations of the service aim to more intimately tailor guidance and support. But first, BOA must better understand their customers as people, not merely their finances data. Onboarding will play a critical role.


Experience Strategy          Workshop Facilitation           User Experience Lead  


Bank of America aims to offer more wholistic guidance and financial support through Life Plan. To do so, they must collect information on customers' life circumstances, unique needs, and spending habits, which many customers are hesitant to share.

How might onboarding earn users' trust and confidence?


Through identifying a First-Best Customer that is most in need of hydration solutions, and is most receptive to technology-based solutions, we are able to define a clear strategic intent and set of filters for the ecosystem.


Designing for 'power hydrators' allows PepsiCo to secure a sizable active user base to can learn from in order to refine the ecosystem to meet the needs of a larger audience.​


Across all audiences, there is a shared desire to form and maintain better hydration habits, and they all struggle to varying degrees, yet 'Go-Getters' possess the mindset and existing behaviors which would make them the most receptive to and engaged within an ecosystem solution. 


Intuitive Ritualist

  • Organize their lifestyle around rituals

  • Look at wellbeing as a feeling (feeling good)

  • Community-driven

  • Grounded in intuition and personal experiences


  • Disciplined, high performers with a goal-setting attitude

  • Proactively hydrate

  • Primarily use reusable solutions given their proactive nature

  • Value quantifiable goals

  • Individualistic

  • Grounded in science and evidence


Pleasure Seekers

  • Focus on enjoyment, wellbeing, and living in the moment

  • Aspirations to live a healthier lifestyle 

  • Struggle to maintain healthy habits 

  • React to thirst with the most interesting, convenient option

Aspiring Achiever

  • Have clear goals but struggle to stay motivated

  • Focus on hydration during exercise to recover lost fluids

  • Primarily hydrate when thirsty 

  • Struggle to track goals

  • Occasionally enjoy soda and juice


The Go-Getter

As disciplined and committed people, Go-Getters’ days are dominated by a series of tasks that help them make every day feel productive. This lifestyle – going from one task to another – makes it difficult to wholly manage their hydration.

‘Staying hydrated’ is seen as another task on their list, rather than an enabler of their task-oriented lifestyle.  What the Go-Getter ultimately wants is a smarter solution that eliminates the effort and the guesswork. 

The  Problem to Solve:

Go-Getters understand the importance of hydration and try to be proactive about it, but they struggle to manage it because it’s disconnected from their life. 


Strategic Imperatives

1. Partner up strategically

Create demand by embedding our service into products and services that consumers are already using. This requires finding partners that have products or services that are relevant to the Go-Getter.


  • Does the Go-Getter already engage with this brand digitally?

  • Do they engage with this brand frequently? 

  • Is this brand an established partnership for PepsiCo?

  • Does it have a large user base?

  • Does it establish a mutually-beneficial relationship?

For Example:

2. Shift to a service-first mindset 

Create and capture value beyond the ownership of the equipment itself through a service layer that enables consumers to manage their hydration comprehensively, across equipment, devices and products. 


  • Have we established direct connections by integrating with their existing routines?

  • Are there branded moments within our partners’ experiences, beyond our owned touchpoints (machines)?

  • What kind of data would we be looking to gather?

  • What are the implications on the business model and for our partners'?​

For Example:

My Contributions

1. Led in the design and facilitation of our client-facing ideation workshop

2. Brainstormed and illustrated concepts and materials for user testing

3. Assisted in identifying and synthesizing insights from research and workshops

4. Worked alongside senior consultants to articulate a vision for PepsiCo's hydration ecosystem in deck form

1. Led in the design and facilitation of our client-facing ideation workshop

2. Brainstormed and illustrated concepts and materials for user testing

3. Assisted in identifying and synthesizing insights from research and workshops


John Erekson (Assoc. Producer)

Stef Hoffman (Director)

Alex Dempsey (Senior Consultant 

Gene Perelson (Creative Director)       Tel: (703) 618-6121       resume

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