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Pro Kabaddi Break

Hacking into the U.S. sports market via NFL commercials breaks

Professional Kabaddi, an Indian schoolyard sport with a two-thousand-year-old history, has caught fire in popularity. So much so that television viewership for the new pro league has rivaled cricket viewership in India.


Kabaddi Break, a state-of-the-art sports viewing experience, syncs Pro Kabaddi matches to Primetime NFL commercial breaks, allowing the league to piggyback the NFL's popularity into the American mainstream.

Game Break


UX Designer               Prototype Designer 


With a saturated U.S. sports market, which includes professional sports leagues and dozens of amateur leagues, introducing the U.S. consumer to a foreign sport presents a major challenge. 


How can Pro Kabaddi access the American consumer in such a competitive market?


While football remains extremely popular in the states, telecasts are long and riddled with commercial breaks. So many in fact, that two whole Kabaddi matches can air within the breaks, presenting an opportunity to speak directly to a captive and receptive audience.


By syncing to and broadcasting matches during commercial breaks of major American sports telecasts, Pro Kabaddi puts itself in front of a susceptible captive audience. The viewing experience is frictionless, educational, and nondisruptive to the NFL game.

Design Objectives


Solution: Push notifications are sent to consumers at the start of each commercial break and provide instant access to any Kabaddi match.

Reduce friction to capture new viewers

Teach the Rules

Teach fans the rules required to love the game

Solution: In-match rules and vocabulary lessons

Respect the fandom

Ensure a fan doesn't miss a single snap of NFL coverage

Solution: In-app reminders of resuming NFL action



Evan McGee (CBM)

Sarah Wallace (AD)

Shifra Samuel (AD)

Nick Carr (ST)

Josh Clayton​ (CW)

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